01 July 2020

My New Mantra: “In Questo Momento”

Three ordinary things you can do in extraordinary circumstances.

My New Mantra: “In Questo Momento”

After living in Italy for the last two years, I’ve discovered several simple, everyday phrases that I find to be far more emotive (and often less bitchy) when spoken in Italian.

Here’s my top four:

  1. Insieme — Together
  2. Non mi interessa — I’m not interested
  3. Fai ciò che preferisci — You do you
  4. In questo momento — In this moment

Since the killing of George Floyd, my mantra has been in questo momento.

It’s so simple, yet the elegance of the sweet sound invites me to actually be in this moment.

In questo momento I’m holding sooo many things at one time:

  • My commitment to daily study, service, and action
  • Confusion around what’s right, wrong and just noise
  • Being present in my relationship and not glued to my news feed
  • Wanting to make plans and already sad they’ll probably get cancelled
  • Giving all to my AMP Tribe and making time for my own workouts
  • Craving more naps and french fries than normal
  • Staying connected with friends & family and getting alone time
  • Taking time to be in nature and away from screens

When I look at this list, I’m reminded of a phrase you’ll often hear in the Buddhist community (and from my friend Kendra): “holding it lightly”.

One of the most brilliant modern writers of Buddhism, Sharon Salzberg, elaborates about what’s right and true when we hold things lightly:

“We try to see the world as it is with equanimity instead of craving and fixation.

Equanimity — the balance that is born of wisdom — reminds us that what is happening in front of us is not the end of the story, it is just what we can see. Instead of being frightened of change, with equanimity, we can see its benefits and put our daily existence in a broader context.

The hope resides in the certainty of relief not in specific outcomes, like getting exactly what we want; the hope comes from the way things actually are in this universe: This too shall pass.

In the mean time, you might ask, where is the hope?

I have found a healing sense of hope in two places that are not attached to demanding a particular outcome. There is hope in remembering in the course of my life things have been bleak before, even bleaker than they are now. I am strong and there is much within me that responds well to adversity. There is hope in the certainty that things do change.

In order to work for change — in our personal lives or in the world — we need to find ordinary things that can help us sustain our energy and optimism.”

I believe there are three crucial ordinary things we must do in these extraordinary circumstances to THRIVE while we SERVE.

Community Connection

Staying in deep connection is more important than ever.

Commenting on every social post, waving at your neighbor, and yelling at the TV is not deep connection. Deep connection means you (your heart & spirit) are seen by others and you see them. It means you are in communities that align with your modern values and allow you to speak your truth. They also challenge you and help you grow.

Now is the greatest time in our history to find your people.

This is also an excellent time to remove yourself from communities that do not align with your values and the big vision for your life. When we go insieme with like-minded souls, our hearts and dreams grow bigger.

Two Action Items:

  1. Unfollow ten social media accounts that make you feel like hot garbage. #dontgetsuckedin
  2. Email ten colleagues, neighbors, mentors, teachers, and other peeps you deeply respect and ask them which communities fill them up.

Journal Therapy

Treat your journal practice like medicine. Take the time to stop, breathe, and sit the f—k down. Just ten minutes a day has the power to change your life.

What’s that? Oh, you’re that busy? Well, guess what ladybird, you can journal on the toilet instead of scrolling Insta. Boom.

Your journal practice gives you the opportunity to notice what’s not working and not serving you. The best part is that it also allows you to notify you what you are doing that’s freakin’ amazing and you’re not even seeing it.

Two Journal Prompts:

  1. What am I spending time on that doesn’t align with my values?
  2. To what one area should the greatest amount of my time/attention/energy be going? How will I feel when my valuable time is going exactly where I want it?

Mindful Movement

When it comes to over-doing my workouts… non mi interessa. It’s time to commit to only moving your body in ways that you actually enjoy and that serves your goals.

If your real love is to walk and listen to podcasts (we should hang out) then stop judging yourself for not humping your Peloton. If you love rolling around on the floor and doing weird stretches (we should really hang) then rock that floor series baby boo. If that old-school 8-Minute Abs VHS tape is your strength-training paradise, then put on that thong leotard and fai ciò che preferisci, bella!

No matter what kind of movement brings you joy, do it. Dance, stretch, walk, swim, jump, garden, or bust out the Skip-It (OMG let’s bring those back!), and most of all: breathe.

We need to move the trauma out of our bodies so we can get fully present. Bonus points for doing it in the sunshine.

Two Mindful Movement Workouts:

  1. Watch a replay of a sweet & very gentle 45-minute yoga class I recently taught in the AMP Studio. Share it with a friend who lives far away & do it together at the same time.
  2. Listen to an incredible podcast by Tara Brach, internationally known meditation teacher and author of my favorite book in the whole wide world, Radical Acceptance.

The planet and your one precious life are demanding you are in questo momento.

May you hold lightly all the ways you are showing up fully in the world.

I wish you rest, connection, good study, deep learning, epic growth, yummy snacks, peace, slow movement, daily journal sessions, hot baths, laughter, and the courage you need to get (and stay) uncomfortable.

I’m personally committed to staying in questo momento, because non mi interessa in playing small. I want to change the f—king world. Insieme. we can make that happen. But, if you want to play small, then fai ciò che preferisci.

Just remember, nothing changes if you’re comfortable.

I love your face,

💜 A.P.