Embodied Coaching Sessions

Discover how embodied business and life coaching will help you focus on your priorities and achieve your goals.

Embodied Coaching Sessions

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As you progress, your coaching progresses with you.

GROUP COACHING PROGRAM | When embodied life coaching meets the power of the community. Ideally recommended if you are approaching coaching for the first time, wish to continue a self-development journey, ans/or aim to make a change to specific aspects of your life.

PRIVATE COACHING SESSION | Taking your coaching to the next level. Ideally recommended if you have a very specific goal you want to achieve and/or if you need 1-to-1 time to fully dive into a specific challenge you are facing.

My business and life coaching method is built on three things: Movement • Creativity • Accountability


Coaching is most powerful when paired with movement.

I believe in the power of strength, flexibility, and intentionally moving our bodies in sometimes crazy ways to give ourselves the ability to really listen to our inner wisdom.

I’ve been known to ask coaching clients to hold plank while we identify what’s getting in the way of epic success, or to get very still when some powerful shit starts to rise to the surface.

Movement in natureThe most recurrent question my clients hear is: “How does that (thought, feeling, dream) feel in your body?

Working with me as your coach also gives you personal access to an expert (anti-diet-culture) fitness trainer & certified yoga instructor.

You will always have the opportunity to mold and shape your session. I will always hold space for you to connect to your body in some way – don’t stress, exercise is not required to experience an amazing session.

Depending on what feels right for your growth that day, we might integrate specific movement or breathing techniques to activate your power.

These embodied coaching techniques allow you to hear & trust the intuition your body tells you, delivering rapid transformation into your life.


Together we will unearth your inner wisdom, so you can work confidently toward making your dreams your reality.

During our work together, I will meet you where you’re at and help you physically and mentally get un-stuck. Once we tap into your intuitive strengths and establish a clear vision of your goals, I’ll help you slow down so you can simultaneously speed up, make better use of your time, and trust that you know what’s best for you.

You will learn to get into your creative flow-state fast, streamline the path ahead of you, and effect the transformative change you’ve always sought.


Outside of our sessions I will encourage you to write in your journal. Adopt a morning ritual. Walk and stretch. Meditate and do yoga. Get more sleep, put down your phone, and spend more time outdoors.

Regardless of what you choose to commit to, I will always hold you accountable.

Accountability is the thread that allows you to braid all the pieces of your dream together.

As your coach, my job is to hold space for you to discover which pieces are most important, and hold you accountable to not let that shit go.

Working together, you will:


  • Get crystal-clear on what you really want and create a clear action plan for how to get there
  • Hit pause on life, catch your breath, re-ignite your passions, and discover who you are now
  • Have more time to do the things you love while simultaneously achieving epic professional success
  • Get un-stuck, take control of your life, and regain your damn sanity
  • Start living the life you want

If you know now is the time to make transformative changes in your life, let’s connect.

GROUP COACHING PROGRAM | When embodied life coaching meets the power of the community.

PRIVATE COACHING SESSION | Taking your coaching to the next level.