About Angela

Teacher, entrepreneur, business & life coach, anti-diet-culture fitness trainer, and ballet-inspired yoga instructor. My work is dedicated to deep-feelers who dream big, live simply, seek tranquility, and want to change the world.

About Angela

Story & Philosophy

Be Fearless, Fit, and Free.

These words define my two decades of experience in the fitness and health industry. Now I want you to feel Fearless, Fit, and Free.

Together with my team, I believe that anyone, anywhere — of any age, size, gender or fitness level — can live a truly happy, healthy, and vibrant life when they choose to adopt an embodied lifestyle.

How I went from an LA fitness girl to the Italian Alps.

At the age of 23, I founded my first large-scale business, which grew to be the largest, longest continuously running outdoor fitness boot camp in Santa Monica, California. That’s when I started building my thriving movement community, which now lives in my online AMP studio.

The business was prolific, but constantly being under the spotlight and influenced by a diet-culture environment filled me with anxiety and exhaustion. I realized that I was not living my deeper values, which made me feel miserable despite the success of my business.

What is it costing you to not go after your dream?

I closed that chapter and sold my fitness company, packed up my entire life and moved to the Italian Alps. Shortly after I arrived, my body broke and my vision was no longer clear. I couldn’t eat, sleep and my crippling anxiety, introversion and feelings of inadequacy were getting the best of me.

After months spent hiding my life-shattering illness, I was finally able to pull myself through. My advice?

Reconnect with yourself through embodied movement and coaching.

I understood that an embodied approach was an energetic superhighway to make peace with my crazy feelings. I slowed down and used ballet-inspired yoga, meditation, and mindfulness techniques to relieve stress and restore sanity. Integrating my life coaching experience was the ultimate step.

I finally retrieved the full potential of my body and my mind. My professional and personal life are thriving. And I am more alive than ever.

It’s time to GET OFF THE RIDE & write your own damn rules.

  • Take your personal growth to the next level
  • Get complete hold of your body and mind
  • Redesigning your life based on what you actually want now

Whatever your goal, I am here to share with you the tools you need to get into your flow… fast. And they will be yours to use, forever.

Professional Life

As an ACSM & NESTA certified fitness instructor and CTI trained Business & Life Coach, I shatter the standard approach and have redefined what it means to be fit in your own body and mind, by following an anti-diet culture and health at every size philosophy.

Plank poseAs a former dancer, 200-hour Yoga Alliance and Trauma-Informed yoga instructor, I infuse my workout sessions with yoga poses and ballet-inspired movements that are both fluid and elegant. I use posture transitions that feel creative, calming and good in your body, adding specific cardio and HIIT elements to achieve a balanced alternation between intense and soothing.

All my coaching and movement sessions revolve around slowing down, listening to your body and connecting. Remember, body and mind work together.

  • You can find me featured on: The Talk, The Marie Osmond Show, MTV’s Chelsea Settles, ESPN, ABC, Physique with Dominique Dawes, Hallmark Channel, Home & Family and Good Day LA.

  • In addition to my television appearances, you can also find my stories and workouts featured in: The LA Times, Self Magazine, Carson Magazine, Modern Mom, Healthy Bitch, New Balance, Things to Love Right Now and Adios Barbie.

  • About Body Inspired Fitness: In 2003, I founded Body Inspired Fitness (BIF) in Los Angeles, California. In 2018, I successfully sold the Santa Monica division of BIF, which has now rebranded to The Inspired Method.

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